The mission of the School Leadership Team (SLT) of PS 282 is to determine the school’s educational direction. Successful completion of the School’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) and the development of the budget will be the team’s first priority. As a leadership team, we propose to act as role models and facilitators to promote child centered teaching and learning.

The SLT, which meets with the principal and PTO president once a month, is responsible for developing a school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The CEP is a document that outlines a school’s educational policies and plans for the resources needed to support those policies.


The SLT members will address the concerns from the latest School Quality Snapshot. This report presents data from the Quality Review, and from the NYC School Survey. The latest School Quality Snapshot for PS 282 can be accessed at


Be informed and be the change you wish to see!

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