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PS 282 Garden

​The 282 Gardening Program utilizes the gardens around PS 282 to foster education and learning. We are passionate and focused on nurturing native plants on our campus. Our garden, located in front of the school along 6th Ave and Berkeley, is diligently striving for 70% or more native plants. To peak your interest, 6 mason bees which are nurtured by native plants can do the work of 600 non-native honey bees. Can you believe it? 6 vs 600! We have to promote native plants so we can get those incredible mason bees out here.

Our school gardens provide students with a hands-on learning experience and activities that encourage healthy eating, teach responsibility and patience, develop math and science skills, relieve anxiety, highlight the importance of taking care of the environment and give kids a sense of confidence.

All students have the opportunity through out the school year to have regular lessons in the garden where they will learn how to grow their own food, care for and learn about animals and neighborhood trees and take direct action to improve their school garden and neighborhood environment by planting and nurturing native species.

The 282 Garden is funded exclusively by donations to the PTO. We rely on our outstanding parent volunteers (you are invited!!) and our partner Brooklyn Seeds to make all of this magical enrichment happen for our kids. If you would like to get involved please email our garden coordinator at

More Resources:

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