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In past years the PTO has offered a $200 grant to every teacher to help pay for supplies. Because this year Covid-19 is making everything much more complicated, the PTO would like to double the amount of the teacher supply grant to $400. 

The most equitable way to support every teacher is to provide them with funds to purchase what will be most helpful to set each teacher up for success.


Additionally, if there is an item you would like to purchase online, the PTO would be happy to assist you by paying for items with our PTO credit card. You can still buy things on your own and submit receipts, but if you would rather not have to put up your own money, we can work with you. 


Please access this updated teacher grant form HERE. **USE PERSONAL EMAIL not DOE account.


We appreciate all that you do! 


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at


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