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180 6th Avenue

Brooklyn NY 11217

Main Office: 718.622.1626

Fax: 718.622.3471

Amy Rodriguez, Principal: ARodriguez131@schools.nyc.gov

Katerina Sidbury, Assistant Principal: KSidbur@schools.nyc.gov

Wendy St Juste Assistant Principal: WStJuste@schools.nyc.gov

Sureeta Collie-Cyrus, Parent Coordinator: scollie2@schools.nyc.gov

Crystal Padmore Brissett, School Secretary: cpadmorebrissett@schools.nyc.gov (REMOTE)

Guidance Counselors: Shanise Cardona, scardona@schools.nyc.gov (ASD)

                                       Heather Roberts, hroberts@schools.nyc.gov (REMOTE)

Rene Merritt, SAPIS: RMerritt2@schools.nyc.gov

Candace Lawrence, DOE School Nurse   x. 1381

Dental x. 1383

PTO Office: 282PTO@gmail.com


Please note: We are not permitted to transfer calls to classrooms. You are welcome to communicate with your child’s teacher via email or during teacher office hours as provided.